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Nov. 18th, 2004 @ 05:56 pm Dear Israel,
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Date:December 18th, 2005 04:56 pm (UTC)
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I would like to point out some things.
As part of the peace agreements between Israel and Egypt, it was agreed that the Yamit area would be cleared of Jews. Jews were thrown out of their houses by the army, using (among others) hoses, chains, and cages. Mind you, this was done to Jews, by Jews. The result was an Intifada.
Then there were the Oslo Accords. The Palestinian Authority was created. It was agreed to pull out of Palestinian settlements in Gaza and Somaria. There was another Intifada (do you see the trend yet?)
And now. Israel handed over 28 Jewish settlements that belonged to Jews who had lived there for three generations (or more) to the Palestinians. And the rockets are falling on Ashkelon, and there are more suicide bombings.
The Israelis must be complete suckers to put up with all this, don't you think?
Maybe if the P.A spent more money on their peoples' welfare and less on ammunition, their standard of living would be higher.
And while we're at it- the synagogues were left intact, and they were burnt. How many mosques has Israel burnt in the past few years?